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Are you looking to get involved in our community? Are you interested in making a difference? Natick is United is welcoming volunteers to help us shape the work of building a community where we value differences, and everyone belongs.

Whether you want to help out at an event, co-lead one of our four components, or are just looking for a way to connect with people in town, find opportunities by topic areas below.


The person who co-leads this component wants to change policies and practices that support racism and discrimination. Their team will guide Natick is United in exploring policies and practices that promote participation in decision making by all residents of Natick. They will work closely with residents, town officials, and local businesses to reduce incidents of hate, provide resources for protection, and provide mechanisms for self-advocacy and the advocacy of others.

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Are you interested in training the community? We are looking for two co-leaders to design an educational program that will help us to better understand and appreciate our differences. We are currently conducting a town-wide survey, and the results will serve as a baseline for creating a solid educational program for the community. The Education Team will make the decisions on how to format the program. The co-leaders will conduct workshops for the Leadership Team, and large trainings for the public. They will partner with others organizations, implementing programs to share resources and audiences.

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These co-leaders are all about the dialogue! Their job is to promote honest conversation about racism and bigotry in order to create trust, understanding, and connection within the Leadership Team & NIU members. They will promote the value of having brave conversations in the community, and work to amplify the voices of the community and share these dialogues with local, non-partisan government officials, clergy and laity of all faiths, civic and private organizations, schools and community based organizations.

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Are you the type of person who loves bringing people together? We are looking for one person to co-lead this team. They will be the ones in charge of creating and executing events and opportunities for positive celebration of the shared humanity of all people, which fosters proactive connection and community.

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The Clerk is the one who keeps us organized, and records our story.
We are looking for someone that would enjoy being part of the Planning Team and the Leadership Team. This person will have the important role of recording meeting notes and communicating with all the different groups that are connected with Natick is United, and will work closely with the Communications Coordinator. We conduct 6 Leadership meetings, and 6 town-wide meetings a year. Does this sound like you?

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