Our Story

In late 2016, there were several incidents of bias and racism in Natick, and many local residents expressed fear and concern about their safety and place in our town. Reverend Jon Strand sent out an invitation for dialogue, and 75 individuals, including members of the Natick Police, Natick Public Schools, Faith Based Organizations and a broad coalition of Natick agencies and residents came together to convey the message that “We are  a community where we value differences and everyone belongs.” In response to the urgent call for action, we issued the bold STATEMENT that “Natick is UNITED and we stand together. We will not tolerate hateful or discriminatory acts of any kind. We will not allow any fellow resident to be discriminated against, harassed, mistreated or excluded based on gender, race, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, learning style, abilities or political party….” The Original Statement is still relevant 2 years later, and has been signed by over 900 people and organizations.

Photo By Ken McGaph/Daily News Staff

Photo By Ken McGaph/Daily News Staff


Our Values

  • We affirm and respect the fundamental value, dignity and shared humanity of all people.

  • We strive to be equitable, honest, open-minded, collaborative, and respectful in all our internal and external interactions.

  • We stand up for and stand with those who are targets of discrimination.

  • We model courage to create a community that practices antiracism through action, advocacy, transformation, and accountability.

  • We celebrate and collaborate with others who share our commitment to our core mission and values, regardless of political or religious affiliation.