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EJI Chronology...a racial (in)justice history activity

Ever want to learn more about history not taught about racial injustices? In this activity made from Equal Justice Initiative's "A History of Racial Injustice" calendar, teams (or individuals depending on the attendance) build their own timeline of events from the calendar (and learn more about the events in the process).

For each turn, your team will read a historical event from a card (with date hidden). Your team guesses the date, and decides where that event falls in your timeline. If your team is correct about the placement, you keep the card and your timeline grows. We will see which team can first build a timeline of 10 cards. We will take time to add details anyone knows about events on the cards (to gain more points for our team and make it even more of a learning experience).

We will meet in a casual restaurant and do this activity while (or after) we eat. Please be prepared to order a drink, at least.

Learn more about Equal Justice Initiative and their calendars:

This is the original timeline game this activity is designed after:

Please let us know your needs so we can help make the event accessible for you.
Free parking is available nearby on the street and in a lot.

This group is a part of Boston Knapsack Anti-Racism Group.

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